Methow Ranch and Acreage Properties
Anyone that drives through the Methow Valley wonders what it’s like to own a home, piece of property, or ranch in this quintessential valley.  The feeling of the valley changes depending on the location, and each community has it’s own reasons that people choose to live here.

Winthrop Wa
The community of Winthrop Washington is like stepping back in time.  The old time western charm is very unique.  The community has about 2000 full time residents and many more families that have second homes in the area.  Winthrop is famous for it’s American Old West architecture, but it’s even more famous for it’s outdoor living and recreation.  Residents of the Winthrop area are very connected to the outdoors.  Everyone seems to have their favorite outdoor activity depending on the season.

If you decide to explore owning a home in the area, there is a wide selection of homes and acreage options.  Some people like to live close to town to be near the the amenities and others like to spread out on acreage with their own ranch.  Our expert staff is extremely knowledgeable about the area and would be happy to help you decide what options work best for you.  We can show you some of each.

Twisp Wa
Twisp is an absolutely charming community.  Though the population is only about 1000 people, it has a wonderfully artistic vibe that many people fall in love with on the spot.  Being surrounded by the Okanogan National Forest, the outdoors obviously plays a big part in the community. Twisp also has a thriving arts community that is always up to something.  If you are exploring the Methow Valley, you owe it to yourself to check out the Twisp area.  It really is one of a kind.